About Us

A website to search online movies. Users can search for old and new movies to watch. We do not host any movies on our website, we only provide lists of available movies.

We aim to help those who are searching movies and are taken to other web pages even after multiple clicks, one after another. This hassle becomes quite annoying.

Our website will save you from this trouble. We will get the best links available on the internet.


You must be wondering what the need for a blog is.

Initially, I also had the same question.

This blog is meant for those who wish to know more about the movie.

Many people want to find out the movie of the month- the “MUST watch”.

The challenges were there when the film was being made.

Also a comparison between movies, which is better and why.

You may watch trailers and movie plots of the upcoming movies as well.

We want to keep our blog as interactive as we can with our readers. So we’ll keep it open for opinions and suggestions.