Best Horror Movies 2018

Whenever we talk about horror movies we never really miss discussing some really amazing old Best Horror movies of 2018. Like if we talk about Evil dead and other old horror movies but what about some specific best horror movies of 2018. Truth be told all the horror movies are really not so easy to forget unless we are talking scary movies… Jokes apart we really decided to collect some scary Best Horror movies 2018 for you.

Following is the list of some amazing Best horror movies of 2018 that we really make you scared yet focused. Check out some of the amazing horror movies of all time with twisted ending, released in 2018.


Release Date: 21 January 2018

Director: Ari Aster

Cast: Toni Collette, Gabriel Byrne, Alex Wolff, Milly Shapiro, Ann Dowd, Mallory Bechtel

IMDB Rating: 7.3

Movie Plot: At the point when the female authority of the Graham family dies, her little girl and grandkids start to untangle mysterious and progressively startling insider facts about their parentage, attempting to beat the evil destiny they have bought.


Release Date: 8 September 2018

Director: David Gordon Green

Cast: Jamie Lee Curtis, Judy Greer, Will Patton, Haluk Bilginer, Virginia Gardner, Andi Matichak, Jefferson Hall, Toby Huss, Dylan Arnold, Rhian Rees, Miles Robbins, Omar Dorsey, James Jude Courtney, Drew Scheid, Jibrail Nantambu, Vince Mattis, Brien Gregorie, Kurt Deimer, Marian Green, Marian Sing, Christopher Allen Nelson, Charlie Benton, Michael Harrity

IMDB Rating: 6.6

Movie Plot: Nobody knows what exactly happened on 31st October 1963, A 6-year-old boy, Michael Myers, stabbed and killed his 15-year-old sister. It was said that he was an existing form of the devil himself and according to his doctor named Sam Loomis, Michael is the incarnation of satan. This all happened the day before Halloween exactly 15 years later of that horrible night, Myers succeeds to escape and go back to visit his hometown once again. Then something terrible happened on Halloween night when he goes wild while his doctor Loomis and the sheriff searched for Myers everywhere. Will they be able to stop the horror which was about to break on them?


Release Date: 21 February 2018

Director: Steven Soderbergh

Cast: Claire Foy, Joshua Leonard, Jay Pharoah, Juno Temple, Gibson Frazier, Aimee Mullins, Amy Irving, Polly McKie, Zach Cherry, Sarah Stiles, Matt Damon, Raúl Castillo, Mike Mihm, Robert Kelly, Colin Woodell

IMDB Rating: 6.4

Movie Plot: There shown a young woman named Sawyer Valentini (Claire Foy) who unintentionally admits herself to a Mental asylum by considering herself to be having some mental issues. Later She finally acknowledges that she is not mental but one of the asylum staff people is a risky stalker. She has to prove herself mentally healthy, to demonstrate her mental soundness well before it is past the point of no return.

The Nun

Release Date: 4 September 2018

Director: Corin Hardy

Cast: Demián Bichir, Taissa Farmiga, Jonas Bloquet, Bonnie Aarons, Charlotte Hope, Ingrid Bisu, Sandra Teles, Manuela Ciucur, Ani Sava, Maria Obretin, Gabrielle Downey, August Maturo, Jonny Coyne, Mark Steger, Jared Morgan, Michael Smiley

IMDB Rating: 5.8

Movie Plot: The story revolves around the suicide of a Romanian nun. It shows when a young religious nun at a sheltered nunnery in Romania ends her own life. A priest with a mysterious yet horrible past and an amateur nun on her last vows are sent by the Vatican to explore and investigate the matter. Together they reveal the requested unholy mystery. Gambling their lives as well as their confidence and their very spirits, they stand up to a vindictive satanic nun (who scared the audience in the Conjuring 2).

Insidious: The Last Key

Release Date: 5 January 2018

Director: Adam Robitel

Cast: Lin Shaye, Angus Sampson, Leigh Whannell, Spencer Locke, Caitlin Gerard, Bruce Davison, Kirk Acevedo, Josh Stewart, Tessa Ferrer, Aleque Reid, Marcus Henderson, Amanda Jaros, Javier Botet, Joseph Bishara

IMDB Rating: 5.7

Movie Plot: The Story revolves around Elise Rainier, who lives in Five Keys, New Mexico with her parents and younger brother. This was all that happened in Elise Childhood somewhere in 1953. One Horrible night, Elise encounters a ghost, which was very common for her as she has this power to see and interact with spirits, in hers and Christian’s bedroom. Christian, the little boy, got very scared and started shouting. Gerald, Her Father got furious and beats Elise pretty badly. He locks her in the basement where she opens a mysterious doorway possessed by the Satanic spirit.

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Release Date: 25 June 2018

Director: Matthew Holness

Cast: Sean Harris, Alun Armstrong, Simon Bubb, Andy Blithe, Pamela Cook

IMDB Rating: 5.6

Movie Plot: The story is all about an upset and disrespected kids’ puppeteer who needs to take a stand against his evil and satanic personality stepfather. Also, a terrible Puppet toy he had, he keeps it covered up in a plain leather colored backpack so he can get away from the Demonic hatred of his past.

The witch in the window

Release Date: 21 November 2018

Director: Andy Mitton

Cast: Arija Bareikis, Alex Draper, Charlie Tacker, Carol Stanzione, Greg Naughton, Zach Jette, Molly Slothower

IMDB Rating: 5.7

Movie Plot: This story revolves around a detached father named Simon and his 12-year-old son named Finn. Both Father and son decided to visit Vermont to repair their old farmhouse. What they not expected was to have an encounter with the satanic spirit of the owner who lived there before. The former owner was a notoriously cruel woman, Lydia. Can he actually protect his son from the evil spirit of Lydia, that’s already making its way into their heads, and hearts.

The First Purge

Release Date: 4 July 2018

Director: Gerard McMurray

Cast: Y’lan Noel, Lex Scott Davis, Joivan Wade, Mugga, Patch Darragh, Marisa Tomei, Lauren Vélez, Kristen Solis, Rotimi Paul, Mo McRae, Jermel Howard, Siya, Christian Robinson, Steve Harris, Derek Basco, Mitchell Edwards, Maria Rivera, Chyna Layne, Ian Blackman, Melonie Diaz, Naszir Nance, Peter Johnson, Levy Tran, Kevin Carrigan, Cindy Robinson

IMDB Rating: 5.2

Movie Plot: To push the wrongdoing rate under one percent for the rest of the year, the New Founding Fathers of America test a sociological theory that vents aggression for one night in one disconnected system. Regardless, when the ruthlessness of oppressors meets the rage of the others, the disease will explode from the fundamental city edges and spread the nation over.

The Predator

Release Date: 14 September 2018

Director: Shane Black

Cast: Boyd Holbrook, Trevante Rhodes, Jacob Tremblay, Keegan-Michael Key, Olivia Munn, Sterling K. Brown, Thomas Jane, Alfie Allen, Augusto Aguilera, Jake Busey, Yvonne Strahovski

IMDB Rating: 5.3

Movie Plot: From the outer scopes of space to the unassuming network streets of suburbia, the pursuit gets back. The universe’s most savage trackers are more grounded, more clever, and deadlier than at some other time, having innately updated themselves with DNA from various species. Right when a child fortuitously triggers their return to Earth, only a ragtag gathering of ex-warriors and an extraordinary researcher can thwart the completion of mankind.

Gonjiam – Haunted Asylum

Release Date: 28 March 2018

Director: Beom-sik Jeong

Cast: Park Ji-hyun, Yoo Je-Yoon, Ye-Won Mun, Ji-a Park, Jay Yoo

IMDB Rating: 6.2

Movie Plot: The team of a Haunted web serial goes to a surrendered shelter for live transmission. It before long experiences substantially more than anticipated as it moves further inside the awful old structure.

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