Scary Movie 6 (2021)


Are you one of them who gets scared with anything called scary or horror? Well, then Scary Movie 6 is something which is waiting for your attention. Scary Movie 6 is a horror movie with a hell of a lot of weird & extremely ridiculous scary content. The Scary Movie franchise is a set of parody remakes of all the famous horror movies we have ever seen. Are you ready to enjoy the crazy, scary yet most awaited instalment of the Scary Movie Franchise? So let’s get into it…

Scary Movie 6 – Release Date

On 12 April 2013, Scary Movie 5th Installment was released. Comparing with the previous instalments, Scary Movie 5 was the worst of all. Due to the unexpected, well actually totally expected, failure of Scary Movie 5, the 6th instalments were affected. The production team decided to delay the release of Scary Movie 6.

Even after a flop instalment of the franchise, the audience is actually waiting full of excitement to watching Scary Movie 6. It is going to be released somewhere around 2021 or maybe later. For the release day, confirmation & updates stay tuned to our feeds.

Scary Movie 6 – Cast

The cast mentioned below is said to be the part of Scary Movie 6 Cast so far but then again more people can be the part of it too. Let’s keep waiting!

  • Anna Faris
  • Shawn Wayans
  • Regina Hall
  • Anthony Anderson
  • Marlon Wayans
  • Gary Owen
  • Andrew Bachelor
  • Reed Alexander
  • Kevin Hart

Scary Movie – Part 1 – 5 Recap

In the first 5 movies, Scary Movie sets up & revolves around a group of college students who get involved in a murder. In order to keep it a big secret they try to keep quiet as nothing happens but there comes a scary & crazy killer into their lives. Subsequently, Anna Faris & Regina Hall are the 2 constant leads present in all the 5 instalments.

There we can see the set of parody scenes from all the famous horror movies filmed in a very weird yet scary way that keeps the audience stick with it till the end. However, the movie does scare and wowed many of the fans out there which makes the production team plan a release date for Scary Movie 6 soon.

Scary Movie 5 trailer

Scary Movie 6 – Fan-made trailer



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